Luxury Condos and Vacation Homes

You can expect to live pretty close to royalty when staying in any of the waterfront condos that line the beaches of Delray and Highlands.  Valet parking comes standard, gym, indoor/outdoor pool, spa service on-hand, clubhouses, conference rooms, and everything else needed to take a break, but still be somewhat productive.

Inside the actual rooms you aren’t limited to your typical range of amenities, it’s all about relaxing and having everything you need at the lift of a finger.  Rooms often come with their own complimentary dry cleaning serves, car wash, and of course front desk assistance for whatever you find is lacking.

The architecture is modern, yet fitting for the coastal lifestyle.  Each room is crafted using exotic and high-quality materials.  Don’t worry about craving home cooking of your own when you grow tired of dining on fresh seafood from the nearby restaurants, the properties come fully-stocked with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, so you can do your very best Bobby Flay cook off, if you wish.

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